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He and Diamond were supposed to be in the Royal Rumble at the same time, however Tatanka stated if he were in the same ring as Diamond who was playing the Max Moon gimmick at the time , there'd be a live murder on national tv.

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Give us some more dirt Nanook.

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Anderson, who is one of the few workers who was steadfast in his loyalty to his wife, took major offense to this and slapped Sid, which began the brawl.

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It's funny to see Shawn Michaels cite himself as a big born again Christian.

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The funniest thing about that Lita story is that Matt was then surprised when the whore cheated on him.

Description: Ever wonder why Savage was so paranoid about Elizabeth? A well meaning co-worker rumored to be the late John Tenta got word of the situation and notified Tatanka about it.

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